Friday, July 5, 2013

SBSR: Tokyo Gore Police “Invisibility”

<1> “City Music for the Frostbitten Children at 5 AM” – We’re starting off quietly.  This has a very ambient, FNL sound to it and it also is instrumental.  Passing the two minute marker, it picks up slightly, but this is still one of those slower ambient songs. 

<2> “Invisibility” – And before you know it, we’re into the second song.   I feel like we’re on the intro to something new wave.  Something from the 1980’s.   Everybody wants to rule the world perhaps?   We’ve got some noise nearing the 1:30 mark.   Could this be a field recording?   Maybe that guy who blasted me on email once was right: maybe I should start doing my research.  But I feel like it’s just them telling me what to think and how to hear it, so no, I will progress with my going into reviews blindly (Unless I happen to stumble upon information, which also happens)  Near the three minute mark and this song is coming through in waves.   Anyone expecting what you normally would hear from TGP are in for a surprise with these two songs.  This EP does, however, come after one I didn’t review yet, so when I get to that one we’ll see where he made the turn.  (Although I will review that one second, I might still post that review before this one)   Four minutes in and we’re maintaining radio frequency.    We’re getting some sort of audible in this song now.  And at six minutes, it apparently dies.  Oh wait, it’s coming back now.  I hear some slight beeps or this peyote is kicking in.   Yeah, I do believe it is ending back where it started.  The purple hippo next to me agrees that this was a most trippy experience. 

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