Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SBSR: Roberta Bondar “Hiss"

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<1> “Haus” – And this time around it looks as if we don’t have any nine minute songs.   We begin “Hiss” with some tribal beats.   This could kick into a number of things, one of them being the Locomotion.   And near the minute mark the song just reset itself.   It’s coming out with this guitar riff ala Blondie.   This seems like it could be powerful, yet poignant (I’ve always wanted to write that about music)  The drum beat is clapping and here come those vocals we found in the first six songs.   Roberta Bondar definitely feels like someone who should have the notoriety of a name such as Florence Welch yet somehow she has remained hidden to me until now, which is sad.    The world needs to hear her voice.  We have a little bit of a Fleetwood Mac thing going on as well, if only because I’ve been listening to them too much lately.   I do enjoy the drum work in this song possibly the best of it all. 
<2> “Doing It” – Drums and screeching guitar start us off here.   Now it kicks into a fuzzy mess, which is just an awesome place for music to be.   The vocals are slowly coming through and I must compare this song with Suzy Blu.    The chorus reminds me why I love Roberta Bondar so much.   It has that riot grrrl quality to it, without being too bitchy.   And it caps off at about two minutes, which was hella fast.

<3> “Night Danger” – The drums lead us in, somewhat hypnotic.   I’m not drunk but I don’t feel right.   Too much vitamin B I think.   We’re coming in faster now, almost like The Offspring.   Now the guitar riff comes charging in.  It’s kind of like rockabilly, which makes me want to sight Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside.   If Roberta Bondar went on tour with Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, my head might just explode from awesome.    And here come the distorted vocals in the chorus.  Question:  Have I been listening to more music fronted by females than males recently?   Answer:  Yes.   Question:  Has it been a much better experience for me than if I was listening to all the same dude sounding bands over and over?  Answer:  Most def.    This song does get pretty off the wall crazy.   Nearing the 3:30 mark and I find myself clapping along.  It appears to be fading out at 3:40 or so, but we have something going on ever so quietly.    Now this has been going on for almost a full minute, which reminds me of that really long song on the previous album.

<4> “Pleather Bed” – A bluesy sort of guitar riff is bringing us in like Cowboy Junkies or Sheryl Crow.   But then the vocals kick in to remind us that this is better than Sheryl Crow could ever hope to be.   There is  a sound here, I just can’t place it.   It’s that quiet, almost talking in the chorus and then the vocals begin screaming it.   Whatever it is, I think the song this reminds me of appeared on one of the first two soundtracks to The Crow, which, yes, I still listen to and love (Just haven’t listened to them recently enough I guess)  Not really sure what’s going on at the end of this song, haha.

<5> “Salt” – Here comes the fuzzy guitar.   And it kicks into a most righteous distorted mess.   It’s like Veruca Salt taking it up a notch.   Hints of Blur also.   This has more of a punk vibe than the previous tracks.    In that regard, it is fun.   This would be a great song to drive to at night.   Turn it up and go.  Just because of the musical mess, the controlled chaos if you will, I do want to throw out a Led Zeppelin comparison because I am contractually obligated to, after all.   We’re nearing the 3:40 mark and it seems like we’re shutting down.  I thought it might come back, but right now it looks like it’s not. 

<6> “Hail” – We slide on over into the next song, which is now buzzing.  The vocals are coming in softly with this reverb and slight of drum.  This almost has the feel of a western, like you’re waiting for someone to draw and when they do, bang!   It has just kicked in and now I can reference PJ Harvey.   The verses stay pretty quiet (they’re almost eerie in that sense) but then the chorus kicks in nicely.   This is a good song to imagine with a tripped out light show on Halloween and thinking you saw an actual ghost.   Only you wouldn’t call Scooby Doo because this really isn’t a place for kids.    And now we do the fade out.

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