Friday, July 12, 2013

SBSR: Boyfrndz “Natures”

<1> “All Get Out” – This is the name of a band, which is actually a quite good band.   And the music begins.   The screeching guitar is taking us into pounding drums and then some guitar chords.   This is a bit heavier than shoegaze, but not post rock.   Elements of The Mars Volta are coming out with the vocals.   And now it’s getting all crazy like math rock.   And after a musical interlude, the vocals are back.   We’re gearing up on six minutes into this song and it doesn’t feel like it has been that long because it’s just rocking so hard. 

<2> “Moving Parts” – Not the name of a band per se, but there is a band called Tiny Moving Parts.   Now we begin with some guitar notes.  A steady drum beat.  And it’s kicking in with somewhat of screaming.   I’d compare this with Christiansen, but everyone called them At-the-Drive-In anyway and I already made The Mars Volta reference, so here we go.   This has somewhat of a trippy vibe to it as well.   This song could be an acid trip gone horribly wrong, especially if various flashing lights were to be added.   Nearing the two and a half minute mark we get some great guitar work before finding a laser. 

<3> “Daughter” –  There used to be a band called Daughters.  I wonder if they still exist.   We begin by riding the cymbal.   I’m not feeling this as a Pearl Jam cover.    Yeah, this isn’t going to be Pearl Jam.  At about the minute marker, it kicks in rather nicely though.   Then goes back to resembling Pinback.   Obviously I like Boyfrndz, and I liked them prior to hearing this EP even, but damn I didn’t know these songs were going to rock so hard.  It has that whole Knight Rider feel to it.  This song, not the entire EP.   We’re getting into some pretty chaotic musical breakdowns as well.  This just makes me want to see Boyfrndz live because I bet it would be crazy.   They can just seamlessly flow through so many different ranges of rock all within the same song.   What they are to music is like a person being capable of speaking ten different languages all within the same breath. 

<4> “Take The Arm” – No band’s name here.    We’re starting off a little bit quieter.  It’s taking it a little while to kick in, but then just after the 45 second mark it comes out.   And for the chorus, about a minute later, things just got crazier.   I sincerely hope that Boyfrndz, when playing live, comes with an amazing light show.  I once worked the lights for a band, but that’s another story.   At the three minute marker, the guitars are waging wars.   Is anyone else hearing Helmet at the end of this song?

<5> “Water Weight” – Wow that just blasted my ears with a loud chord.    This song is quite heavy, especially in comparison to the previous ones.   This is just something that I want to crank and blow some speakers.  I couldn’t imagine anyone hearing this song and not liking it.   Now we’re also getting in some chugga chugga guitar riffs.  I’m about to blast this out of my windows and jump off my roof without a shirt on.    This also has the elements of a heavier, distorted Pinback.  

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