Friday, July 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Observer Drift "Fjords”

$8 to Download // Free to Stream

            It’s been about a year and a half since Observer Drift’s first album was released.   I realize that may not seem like a long time, but some bands can take even longer than this to release a new album.  I can only really credit Observer Drift with coming out with this follow up to “Corridors” in 2013 because, well, as of right now 2013 is the year of great music and how could Observer Drift not be a part of that?

            If I really felt like flashing back to a year and a half ago, I would search through Google and find out what releases came out within the first month of 2012.   That was such a bright new time when we had just put 2011 behind us and moved onto a fresh start.

            Okay, time is relative and in ten years we’ll remember how many albums Observer Drift released (And hopefully own them all on vinyl) but we won’t remember what years they were from.   I can tell you that in January 2012, my first son was born.  So “Corridors” has that going for it.  I’ve seen how much my son has changed in his seventeen months on this planet.  

            Hell, in January 2012 I was still living in Texas.  But now it’s 2013 and I’m back in Connecticut because, well, I’m still searching for an answer why.  

            “Fjords” is the perfect blend of the peaceful and tranquil sound of FNL, mixed with the energy and feel good quality of something off the soundtrack of The Breakfast Club.  

            Does anyone else notice that there is a song called “Lingonberry”?   Isn’t that what we get at IKEA?  Seems about right, with the title being “Fjords” and all.  So now my dream in life is to walk into an IKEA store one day and hear this album playing.   Okay, not really, because no one should ever dream about walking into an IKEA.  Ever.

            Musically this is great, an accomplishment from the already established “Corridors” and lyrically it can be summed up in one line:

            “It doesn’t matter how many we have / What matters is how much they care”

            Since my beginning this review, the album has dropped from $5 to download to a Name Your Price Download, but I still recommend giving up your $5 for this very worthwhile cause.

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