Friday, July 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Diesel13 “Roar” (In At The Eye Records) [single]

                What threw me off the most about this song is the band name because Diesel13 seems like it should be a punk rock band or just anything other than what they sound like.    This song has a feel to it like if Matchbox 20 went country, which are both elements in music I don’t like but somehow here it works.  

                I’m not sure if they still put prisoners in chain gangs or not, but this song has that sort of feel to it.   It also is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, ala ain’t no grave gonna hold him.   It takes breathers to do the ominous chanting and then near the end it also has a banjo part come in.

                This isn’t exactly the type of music that bands like The Civil Wars paved the way for recently, but it is along similar lines so that if you were to listen to this you would enjoy it but not see it as being like everything else.  

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