Friday, July 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Paper Lions “My Friends” (Fountain Pop Records)

            What I find interesting about this album, and this band for that matter, is that I have no real point to trace it back to in terms of what band Paper Lions sound most like.   That must mean that they have crafted their own unique sound, yes?

            This has quite a bit of pop in the rock.  I had a note initially of it sounding like Superdrag, which is true on some level.   Later on, it can come across sounding like The Killers without the synth, a version of The All-American Rejects without as much pop and, well, just something like The Darkness if The Darkness didn’t completely suck. 

            Encountering these bands has always been great for me.  It’s something somewhat familiar, yet altogether new also.   It is in no way another band that sounds like another band, which I get a lot of and that’s not necessarily bad either.    But these types of bands do kill me when it comes to reviewing them because I can never quite explain them.   It’s like trying to explain the color blue to someone without using the word “blue” or one of its variations.

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