Friday, July 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Queen Buzz s/t

$8 to Download // Free to Stream

            Having reviewed their demo prior to this, I was no stranger to Queen Buzz and I was quite eager to hear this full length from them.    On a somewhat funny side note though, I once was wondering what happened to this band and searched for them under the name “Queen Bee” by accident, so I thought that they were all done until I found my review and their proper name.

            Really, there isn’t a lot to say about the music of Queen Buzz.   If you listened to their demo (like I recommended) then you would have been ready for this and in no way disappointed by it.    If you are in fact late to the dance and haven’t heard Queen Buzz yet, then let me assure you that if you like some fuzz garage rock with a slight hint of pop, then this band is for you.

            One of the biggest reasons I enjoy Queen Buzz is because they bring out a lot of the same qualities as when I first heard Weezer, though they don’t sound like a Weezer clone at all.   One of their lines “I’ve gotta tell the stupid truth” just seems like something from either the blue album or “Pinkerton”  (After that, Weezer gets sketchy and the comparisons get more scarce) 

            A song like “Workout Machine” is just good clean fun, while they do have some songs that could be described as a pop version of Nirvana.   Mostly, though, this band just flat out rocks and if you like good tempo rocking music then this needs to fill your speakers.  

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