Monday, July 1, 2013


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            This is a somewhat dreamy track that has fuzzy vocals and that keyboard sound that isn’t quite full moog rock but is close to it.  I struggle to find a comparison for this, which is good, but bands like Schatzi and The Beans do come out in this song.  Could there be a little bit of the Sorry Shop as well?  Perhaps.

            In the chorus he sings about how he doesn’t want to die and he wants to be alive (tonight), which provides enough of a hook that this song makes an excellent single. 

            According to their Band Camp page, this is the first single from their debut album (It is their only piece of music on their Band Camp page thus far) called “GLASS MASK” which will be out in the Fall/Winter of this year.  I sincerely hope we get another single or two between now and then, but nonetheless, yes, this has gotten me excited for that album as it may pull off the end of the year fantasy some bands can only dream of achieving. 

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