Monday, July 1, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Contrast “Dull” [single] (Eye on Eye Records)

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            This song falls into the category where I like to put bands that I can consider to be a part of the Breakfast Club, except it doesn’t have that exact same appeal.  It’s closer to 1990’s rock (Well, late 80’s/early 90’s) than to being new wave, but I do believe there is a genre that combines new wave and shoegaze and this fits that quite nicely.

            I can definitely hear elephants… Wait, that’s not right.  I can definitely hear elements of The Consolation Project coming out in here, and maybe as opposed to The Breakfast Club it’s a little closer to being Pretty in Pink.   Either way, this is a fun song that has inspired me to listen to more of this band and I think that you should too.

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