Monday, July 1, 2013

CD REVIEW: Midge Ure “Live in Chicago”

            If you do not recognize Midge Ure by name, odds are you may recognize him for other reasons.  Perhaps you’ve heard of the bands Thin Lizzy or Ultravox?  Perhaps you remember that huge benefit song about whether or not they know it’s Christmas?  Perhaps you remember all of those concerts that end in “aid”? 
            In the event that you do not recognize any of those names, I suggest right now that you go to Google, Spotify or your local library and look further into them.  I fully realize that as someone who has a website I am *not* supposed to encourage readers to leave once they get here, but kill all that noise.  If you don’t know who Thin Lizzy is then you need to go get yourself a musical education. 
            For the rest of us, we get the most excellent experience of hearing Midge Ure live in Chicago.  Why Chicago?  Why not I guess.   The crowd certainly seems to love him, and he is so polite, giving thanks after every song for the applause and screaming.
            The difficulty in writing this review is that I’m not going to simply describe to you how this music sounds because if you don’t know that by now then I should have lost you back at the second paragraph.  Rather, this review is more to make you aware that such an album exists and if you didn’t already know you need to get this now.   If you did already know, then well, you probably wasted your time reading this, but what else is new from this site?  Us, waste time?  Never!

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  1. Splendid review, not only about this cd but the way you express the career of this icon of modern music. Thanks for that. I´m a fan since 1980. Long time ago... :-)