Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Cerna “Restoring Life”

$7.99 to Download // $9.99 for a Digipak // Free to Stream

                Far too many of the bands that I have been finding on Band Camp lately have been mislabeled.   They come up saying they’re metal of some kind and really aren’t, or they say they’re shoegaze when in fact they are metal.   The bands that claim to be metal or doom of some kind and prove otherwise always disappointed me the most.   I would listen to their songs, constantly waiting for them to kick in but they never would.

                At last, my metal prayers have been answered.   Cerna is a band that not only lives up to its promise of being both metal and shoegaze (Don’t ask me how they do it, but they do) they have that kick in I’ve been waiting seemingly forever to hear.

                If you put some screamed vocals with some of these heavier songs, Cerna would be a band like Thrice or The Beautiful Mistake.  If you put some dark and brooding lyrics with their lighter portions and songs, they would be MBV or The Consolation Project.   The fact that these two sounds mesh together so well astonishes even me, but it does work.

                It can get really light at times, almost acoustic.  It can get really heavy at times, maybe too heavy for some.  But whatever range you see this musical spectrum being a part of, just know that it is powerful and it is moving.   These songs are the soundtrack of my life right now.

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