Thursday, June 27, 2013

CD REVIEW: Pissed Jeans "Honeys" (Sub Pop)

             Somehow, I believe I’ve only ever heard a couple of tracks from Pissed Jeans before and I don’t really remember being that impressed.   I do, however, recall seeing their name around a lot, mainly because it’s such an interesting name.  Are the denim pants angry or filled with urine?  I’d always thought they were urine soaked, but after finally listening to an album by Pissed Jeans I’m not so sure any more. 

            “Honeys” comes out swinging, as the opening track reminds me of a band like Sick Of It All only somehow different.   This might be closer to a garage punk or just flat out punk rock, but in many aspects the songs seem to demonstrate the core values  This can be compared to one of my other favorite hardcore bands from so long ago, Skarhead, or even a similar punk band from just about as long ago, SNFU.

            In the simplest form of their music as well, Pissed Jeans does have a garage rock sound that can be heard with bands such as The Briefs or The Priests, which is funny because I got into both of those bands some time ago (The early ‘00’s) and I haven’t really listened to them or any other bands along those lines since.  I guess that’s my biggest (and really only) problem when it comes to a band like Pissed Jeans—they just fall into this category that I always wish I was a part of in some ways, but at the same time I have left that kind of music behind for quite some time.

            Maybe now is the time to get back into garage music.  Maybe it’s time to learn the difference between Nirvana (UK) and Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana.   Maybe I need to see what’s out there because psychedelic music isn’t that far from shoegaze and that turns into garage, right?   So look out, Burger Records—here we come!!

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