Thursday, May 2, 2013

SBSR: Tokyo Gore Police “Nerve Impulse”

Tokyo Gore PoliceNerve Impulse
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<1> “Nerve Impulse” – Who’s peeing?  Okay, here come some beats and angelic synth to get us past whatever was just running.    And we kick in to what is most definitely shoegaze.   And here come the vocals, whoa.   Tokyo Gore Police is another band that I recognized by the name but couldn’t recall what they sounded like.   And now the vocals are skipping (on purpose), which kind of sounds cool.  Just after the 1:30 mark we’re getting into this weird electronic rock breakdown that sounds like a lot of fun.   I’m pretty sure the background beat is on a loop though.  I can hear pieces of The Consolation Project in this.  How come so many musicians have gone insane?  Oh wait, I think they were insane so they became musicians is more likely.   This would be a good song to play if you were having a mental breakdown, and I only say that because I’ve had mental breakdowns before.   I wonder if there’s a genre tag for that yet.  I recommend “post straightjacket” because at mental hospitals they really try not to use straight jackets anymore.   And we end with some drums.

<2> “Rainclouds” – Hey, the first song had water noises and this one doesn’t yet it has the name of rain in it.  (It’s rude to say hey, I know)  This is some crazy sound that’s a cross between some sort of rainstick and xylophone… I don’t know, man, there are so many more crazy instruments these days than when it used to just be guitar/bass/drums and then the other instruments added in would be in your high school band anyway, so you could recognize the trumpet and what not.   Now this kind of sounds like some sort of keyboard tone that I can’t place.   Is this going to be a loop for the entire song?   I’m a little bit skeptical on this being related to rain somehow, but I can kind of hear it.   It’s like raindrops falling on glass in space.  

<3> “Dream Phase” – I would say these notes start in either a shoegaze or FNL sort of way.  It’s definitely more FNL but could kick in to post rock at any second, as post rock likes to do, but so far it’s just these guitar notes on a seeming loop.   I almost feel as if this is the same song pattern as the previous track only being produced through a different vehicle, if you will.  Well, now we’re getting some sad synth.  So I’d put this into the FNL category for sure.   This whole song is just slight variations on the same main loop, but it is still nevertheless beautiful.     And we fade out in almost a lullaby way, which makes sense given the title.

<4> “The Film They Kissed” – And this comes on quite louder.   We’ve got beats and synth.  I keep waiting for vocals to kick in every time the loop stops and starts up again.  Any minute now… vocals.  But no.   This isn’t quite synth pop, but it isn’t quite shoegaze either.  It’s somewhere between the two I’d say.  And at about 1:50 we end, though this song goes for 2:34.  Oh, and just after the two minute mark we are back with some synth that sounds like an organ and is disturbing my cat.   And then it cuts off. 

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