Thursday, May 2, 2013

SBSR: Mormon Toaster Head “just a house; not a home”

Mormon Toaster Headjust a house; not a home
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<1> “at the top of your lungs” - That child’s voice disturbs me in a Freddy way, but then we get some chimes and now we’re slowly droning our way into something.   Oh, and the child’s voice is back.  It’s like the theme from Nightmare On Elm Street (“Nine, ten, never sleep again”, not the instrumental one) so this would definitely freak out Gina because she hates when I sing that.   The music is kind of a mess too.  The chimes are nice, but the guitar is just all over the place.   I also was hoping this song would be louder, but it appears to be at the top of no one’s lungs.   This is not my first time reviewing MTH, but I’ll be damned if I remember what they sounded like on their demo.  I just thought it wasn’t quite like this for some reason or I probably wouldn’t have bothered listening to these three songs.

<2> “just a house; not a home” – This title scores points for the gypsy in me, so let’s hope the song itself isn’t bad.  We’re beginning with synth in an ambient and drone way.   So far so good.   It has some slight bell noises that can be rather high pitched, but otherwise this song is just steady as she goes. 

<3> “I can tell what you’ll look like when you’re old” – And this song begins sounding like I’m trying to send a fax and I accidentally picked up the phone.  It’s also got In Utero era Nirvana distortion going for it.  This song is just getting weird now.   I don’t think I’m going to be coming back to Mormon Toasterhead again. 

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