Friday, May 3, 2013

SBSR: Drones In Love “Two Lucky Fingers E.P.”

Drones In Love “Two Lucky Fingers E.P.”
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<1> “Two Lucky Fingers” – Static synth beats and computer vocals so far.   There is also a nice drumbeat going on with this song.   It’s a slowed down version of New Order with a robot taking the lead, I suppose.   And, yes, the synth does drag out, which I am afraid I must use the term in the band name- it is drone. 

<2> “Do You Like Girls” – And this song pretty much picks up where the first song left off.  It’s got a slightly faster drumbeat, but all of the other elements from the first song are still there.   And now it’s getting all new wave synth, like the Breakfast Club. 

<3> “Nancy” – This song begins with a bit of a more upbeat drum machine.   Is this Psycho Nancy I wonder?  How many people can you really think of named Nancy anyway?  There’s that figure skater that went “WHYYYY WHYYY MEEEE??” and then Nancy Pelosi is a real person I’m told.  These computerized vocals sound very real.  Oh, and Nancy Travis.  And Nancy Sinatra.  I feel like one of the Heart sisters is named Nancy.  That seems like a real thing.   Sid and Nancy (which should have been my first reference, damn I’m getting old and un-punk rock)  Now I’m going to write a song about all the people I know named Nancy.   Just kidding.  I only actually know one person named Nancy in real life and she’s back in Texas.   Oh, Nancy Drew!

<4> “Chasing a Crush” – We begin with much more computerized vocals and my thoughts of people named Nancy are drifting even though I feel like there was probably a first lady named Nancy and I just can’t think of her right now.   Also, I’m pretty sure Nancy Grace isn’t a cylon, but only time will tell for sure.  This has a slower beat like the first song.  You could say we’ve come full circle, but at this point I prefer to think up more people named Nancy.   Is Nancy Griffin a real person?  She sure sounds like one.  I had a foster cat named Nancy, but she got adopted.    And now we’re getting into some nice synth riffs boarding on dare I say… reggae?   Nancy Regan, right?  That was Ronald Regan’s wife?  She might still be alive, but I think she was the one I was thinking of but couldn’t place. 

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