Thursday, May 2, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Black Mare “Field of the Host” (Breathe Plastic Records)

Black MareField of the Host” (Breathe Plastic Records)

                In thinking of ways to describe this music, I wanted to call it a good version of Hole, but yet I still somehow felt like that would be insulting because I don’t really want something this good to be anywhere near something directly related to Courtney Love.

                The music does get heavy at times and can remind me of a male fronted band that I just cannot seem to place, but I do stand by my idea of Alice in Chains being an influence on these songs.    For something more modern, I’d say it has certain elements of Warpaint to it.   And just because I pull out their name on every female review it seems, I could also say this sounds like The Cranberries without the pop.   It’s more of a drone, sort of stoner rock to me, which is quite rad because I haven’t heard something like this since the 1990s.  

                I went into this album thinking it’d be metal (Don’t ask me why) and it turned out being something like I’ve never quite heard before, but still oh so good. 

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