Friday, May 3, 2013

SBSR: Tender Bats “Demos Part II”

Tender BatsDemos Part II

<1> “I’d Rather Die Alone In A Hospital Bed And Meet An Amazing Ghost Than Get Back Into a Half Assed-Relationship With You” – Yeah, I’m pretty sure (hoping) Windows Media Player cut this song title off.   I should go back to the Tender Bats Band Camp site and see what the full title is, but it might just be one more word like “relationship”.    So onto the music!   This begins rather shoegaze with the pretty synth and distorted drone guitar backing it.  And here come the female vocals.   This song really reminds me of something from the 80s/90s, like Debbie Gibson.   No, I’m not kidding.  I’m still wondering why this is a “demo” because it’s still better than a lot of non-demo music that I hear.   I don’t hear anything about ghosts yet though.   Well, now she is singing about dying and being alone in this world.  Or I should say she’s singing about how she’d rather be alone than with you. 

<2> “Washington DC” – Now, interestingly, Tender Bats are from Seattle, which is in Washington the state, but this is about Washington the DC.   Also, in the category of things no one really cares about, I’m planning a weekend getaway to DC this summer to see a Shana Falana show.  No foolin’.   This has a somewhat faster paced beat to it than the previous song, but still some of the same ideas.  I also would compare this, in the best possible way, to Metric.   [Editor’s Note: I went to Band Camp and have thus fixed the title on the first track] I love drum fire in here.     Let’s end on a funky note with those drums. 

<3> “Sick Lies Sick Love” – And this song begins synth heavy, both with the drone and beats.    Now we’re getting back into that 80s/90s style only this time it’s more like The Breakfast Club.   And she’s singing about being love sick.  I don’t think the doctor can prescribe you anything for that.    And just like that, this song is over, but I still am voting for a physical release here. 

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