Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SBSR: TWOS “Feel” (Aural Sects 2013)

TWOSFeel” (Aural Sects 2013)
<1> “Feel” – The slow sound of strings is joined by a beat and a clap.   Now we’re getting some thunder added into the mix.   Just after the 1:20 mark we’re transitioning into something a bit more complex, with sort of vocals.  It’s getting really loud and there is singing at the 2:20 mark.  The beats sound like skipping. 
<2> “By Your Side” – This is starting with an interesting audio clip and the appropriate backing beats.   This is like a song The Illegal Wiretaps would make.   And now it’s even got those weird computer vocals that kind of creep me out.  Whoever intended the program that does that should consider a career in horror movies.  
<3> “Slow Down” – The creepy vocals are back over a slower beat, but I still can’t help but listen.   It’s a cross between the way you imagine a ghost sounding and a whale.   I wonder if there is a band yet called Ghost Whale.  Somebody should get on that.   And do covers of modern songs with these computer vocals that freak me the freak out.  
<4> “With You” – Since these vocals are back I’m wondering if that’s just the way the singer sounds or if it’s somehow computer manipulated.   This effect does happen on Illegal Wiretaps songs, amongst other bands, so I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of musical computer programming.   I don’t think anyone can truly sound that hollow inside, except maybe Kevin Bacon.    Snapping and piano- always a winning combination.   At the two minute mark we’re getting into the freestyle jazz. 
<5> “Low” – Somebody fix that leaky sink.  Nevermind, here comes the cello.    Vocals and funky bass. 

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