Sunday, January 20, 2013

SBSR: Bad Bad Hats “Grow Up EP”

Bad Bad HatsGrow Up EP

<1> “It Hurts” – Surprising female vocals, nice drums and folky guitars.   There are some fun background vocals as well (Mostly the ooh’s and such)   And now I think I hear kazoos.   And I say surprising female vocals because I thought this would be some sort of male fronted oi punk band.  Perhaps I’m thinking of a band called Bad Bad Habits.   This has a Kimbra feel to it as well.
<2> “Never Enough” – This song has male vocals instead.   An acoustic guitar and some clapping make this a sort of folk anthem.   Both songs so far have used their song titles in the chorus very well.   Oh, and now the female vocals are coming back.   This is kind of fun in that less-than-lyrically-complex version of Kimya Dawson kind of way.  
<3> “Learning to Sleep” – This song is noticeably quieter than the previous two so far.   Female vocals are in the lead.    This song is also slower, so I’m not sure if it’s designed to send us into slumber or not.   Tell me what it means when I can’t get off the kitchen floor.   Great line. 

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