Sunday, January 20, 2013

SBSR: TV Torso “Clear Lake Strangler”

TV Torso “Clear Lake Strangler”
<1> “Clear Lake Strangler” – Male twee-ish vocals and tinny indie rock accompanying.   It kicks in a little bit harder and the Replacements are definitely coming out now.   Yeah, this just really has a strong Replacements influence to it now but it’s definitely not a bad thing at all.   I’m feeling this song. 
<2> “Prismatic Ideation” – A slower song that sounds more like “Teen Angel” with space vocals.   And they’re actually singing they “got no idea why” right now, which made me check to make sure I was on the correct song because I know that’s the title of the next track. 
<3> “No Idea Why” – This is kicking in like a helicopter.    And here comes the synth.   This is a good dance rock song, kind of like what you think of The Killers as being only without being so radio friendly.   I especially like how the song prior to this seemed to feed into this final track.   It makes for a very nice little EP.

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