Sunday, January 20, 2013

SBSR: The Weatherman “FAB”

The Weatherman “FAB”
<1> “FAB” - The song titles in caps bother me.   So far we have something along the lines of prog rock with male vocals that are reminiscent of Elton John.   It’s not bad but could take a turn for the worse.  The chorus reminds me of the Beatles somehow, but I actually am enjoying the line “You couldn’t be more fab (fab) than you already are”.    Yes, there is a radio pop quality to this rock—it almost sounds like Aldous Snow in ways—but forgive me for bopping my head along with it.  
<2> “MY BRIGHTEST HOUR” – This opens with synth and then drums.  I’m really beginning to see this as being the real life version of Aldous Snow and I love that.   And the drum machine kicks in.   As the chorus hits, yes, I want to get this guy to the Greek.   I now feel compelled to play this for Gina (and whoever else will listen/care) to point out the awesomeness of the Aldous Snow qualities in here.

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