Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: Kent State “Spahn Ranch EP”

Kent StateSpahn Ranch EP

<1> “Spahn Ranch” – This song pretty much just fuels my belief that this band is similar to Supergrass, but in the best possible way.
<2> “Crashing Satellites” – Here we have a bit more upbeat song than what I’m used to from Kent State.  Dare I say this could be like The Strokes?  … Umm… No, I guess it really couldn’t.  This is just fast paced rock n roll with somewhat distorted vocals. 
<3> “Arcadia” – This song almost sounds like an extension of the one before it, which is great for the flow of the EP.
<4> “Time Crimes” – We’re going out on a big note.  This is loud and distorted.   It’s like the first songs combined with Trail of Dead, which I really enjoy.

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