Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: Negative Tapes “s/t”

Negative Tapess/t
<1> “The Last Upper” – This starts as some pretty instrumental music.  Shoegaze, Breakfast Club, lasers, whatever I recently compared to an instrumental Owl City… All these ideas come to mind.  I could see this song as being the soundtrack to a short film I make.   Nearing the 2:45 mark and it kicks in a bit.  That would have to constitute in the movie, perhaps the change from two people discussing things in a normal fashion to them yelling at each other.  Wow, why is this song giving me such vivid images?   This song is 4:50.  Someone could make a little five minute movie to go along with it.  I probably could.  I’d shoot it in black and white for sure, but I’d have it skip at times into color, like just little flashes here and there.  It’d make you think it’s old but pull you back into the modern reality ever so slightly. 
<2> “Life is a Toothache” – We now begin with repeating notes and a synth that comes in much more industrial than the previous song.   We’ve gone from a somewhat happy song (Except I mentioned the yelling visual) to what can only be described as something that I would put as the soundtrack to a torture movie.   Though instrumental, the best way to describe this song is to simply say that it belongs on the “Lost Highway” soundtrack. 
<3> “Wind in My Face, The Memory of You Behind Me” – This starts with a nice machine gun type of drum and keys.  Then the bass kicks in and I go back to shoegaze, but with that gun sound I think it should be some subgenre of shoegaze like murdergaze or something.   The bass drum in this is nice and for some reason it makes me think of riding on a ferris wheel.   At about two minutes this song stops (At least I think the sirens were coming from outside) but keeps going until 2:15 or so to end.

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