Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Kelsey Byrne “Healthy Fears”

Kelsey ByrneHealthy Fears

            The first song starts strong with female vocals with an acoustic guitar, then it turns into this big frenzy with horns and everything, but then ultimately breaks down into something more like Norah Jones.  This probably sounds like a lot of other female musicians out there right now, but I could see myself liking this.

            At times, Kelsey Byrne reminds me of the female version of The Rocket Summer.  The songs have a certain level of pop to them (or happiness) even if the lyrics don’t fully reflect that notion.  Also, at just over six minutes the first song is quite far from being pop in the sense of being catchy or on the radio—no, it is more like a full on musical movement. 

            The second song sets the pace for the album, as it has a piano with the rocking side of indie pop rock.  It makes you think, “Oh yeah, she sounds like _____, only not fully”. 

            This idea continues throughout the flurry of a song such as “Knife” to the soft, folky nature of “Marriage”. 

            On “Healthy Fears”, Kelsey Byrne really hits all of the notes and shows her range as a musician. 

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