Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Animal Flag “Everything Will Be Okay”

Animal Flag “Everything Will Be Okay”
                The first song on this album always throws me for a loop because it’s called (and opens with the words) “To My Sunshine”, which always makes me feel like we’re going into “You Are My Sunshine” instead.    The song continues with an acoustic guitar and tinny vocals that are what I would imagine it sounded like if Shawn Hatosy was a folk singer.    This notion, of course, changes by the second song.
                We have a backing band for the rest of the songs and even female backing vocals at times.  The music isn’t fully on Mumford & Sons, but that is still what it reminds me of most.  That is to say, in terms of song structure and especially the way the lyrics rhyme and flow (And are sad), it reminds me of Mumford & Sons.  In terms of Animal Flag being a rip off of Mumford & Sons or trying to steal their style, it’s not like that at all.  Animal Flag still has a style that is somewhat their own.
                While listening to this album I also came up with the not-so-clever idea of making a ‘zine called “Elliott Smith Is In Everything” simply so that I wouldn’t have to put in every review I write that the music has hints of Elliott Smith.  I don’t know what the legalities of that would be (Would I get sued by someone?  Probably) but I know for certain I don’t feel like rebuilding a brand again, so I decided to pass.
                Overall, fans of Mumford & Sons, fans of folk and just general fans of music should all appreciate this.  I really like it.

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