Friday, December 7, 2012

SBSR: Kent State / Doleful Lions

Kent State / Doleful Lions

            Note: The first three songs are Kent State.  The last two are Doleful Lions. 

<1> “I’ll Never Say Never to Always” – First off, never saying never is saying never so it’s a contradiction of itself that puts my literary mind in a tailspin.   Whoa, that was a quick little intro.  Okay, next then. 

<2> “Pains” – This doesn’t sound as polished as some of the other Kent State stuff I’ve been listening to lately.  It seems like a rough demo recording, yet I’d still be willing to pay money for it on a CD or vinyl.  It’s definitely not the worst recording I’ve heard but it could be mixed a little bit better.  It still is a somewhat fun song.

<3> “DNA” – This song seems a bit more put together.  I don’t mean that in the way that the instruments and vocals are just working better together, but it just sounds like it was recorded more clearly.  The two songs were probably recorded together for all I know, but it’s just my impression.  I can’t quite place Kent State still. These two songs aren’t as chaotic as “Challenger”, as they appear to be just more based on distorted guitar riffs, but they still work for me.  My second time hearing something from Kent State and I’m still into it. 

<4> “Solar Christmas” – This sounds like Elliott Smith to me in nearly every way.   This is also my first time hearing Doleful Lions.

<5> “Night Castle (I’ll Never Love Another)” – Not all that different from their first effort.  Sorry, Lions.

            Well, the first track is really just an intro so we’re mainly getting two songs from each band.  The Kent State songs are good but I wouldn’t listen to the Doleful Lions again unless you paid me, so I’m going to have to say… delete the last two tracks and make a Kent State mixed tape.

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