Friday, December 7, 2012

SBSR: Kent State “Challenger B/W 2814”

Kent StateChallenger B/W 2814

<1> “Challenger” – This song kicks in not too hard and not too soft.  I can’t quite place where it would fit into the world of indie pop rock, but I do like the sound of it.   It has a really nice guitar riff going on in the song.  It’s almost like a non-traditional pacing in ways, which I like, but at the same time it also sounds very much formulaic, in the best possible way.   I don’t know whether this song is something as polished as Superdrag or sporadic as Gatsbys American Dream and that’s what I guess I love about it.

<2> “2814” – The start to this song is more like something out of the 1980s or ‘90s and I immediately thought of the movie Top Gun for some reason.   Then we kick into the chaos of the first track.  It kind of reminds me of a lighter version of Trail of Dead or maybe some of their older stuff without screaming.   It also has a slight vibe of The Lot Six going on. 

            If these two songs were released on a 7” as a single I’d buy them.  Does such a thing exist?  I’ll look into it.  But if it does exist, you should purchase it as well.

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