Friday, December 7, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Suspect s/t

Suspect s/t

            When I was in high school grunge was at its peak.  If you were cool (And not listening to pop) you had to either love Pearl Jam, Nirvana or both.   One day I walked into a music store- I believe it was a Circuit City- and out of curiosity I picked up a CD by Sick Of It All.   My friend thought I was crazy.  He didn’t know what I was doing and he kept asking me “Do you even know what you’re buying?”   I didn’t fully know, but I knew that I wanted to know, you know?

            Listening to these songs by Suspect (which all range around the minute mark in length) it reminds me of that first time I heard Sick Of It All.  It brought back that memory, so I thought I’d shared it with you.

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