Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “The Inevitable Goodbye”

The Illegal WiretapsThe Inevitable Goodbye
                In terms of The Illegal Wiretaps and their vast collection of songs, I listened to “The Inevitable Goodbye” after “Casiotopia” and am glad that I did so.     The similarities are there so much that I believe these two particular pieces of music should go together in some way.  
                The album opens with a flurry of drum machine and some of the programmed vocals only they sound female this time around.    By the fourth song we’re slowing it down a bit, but the pattern remains switching between songs that are what I now dub casiotopia and what are commonly referred to as an instrumental techno poptronica shoegaze rock. 
                I feel like I lucked out by putting this together with “Casiotopia”, but for those who listened to them in a different order (Or maybe even something else in between), all I can say is link these two together and it will make your listening experience that much better.

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