Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Casiotopia”

The Illegal WiretapsCasiotopia
                Judging by the name of this album, I expected it to be heavy on the keyboards and almost electronica, but what I found was slightly different.
                The Illegal Wiretaps open up “Casiotopia” with a dance number, which combines the drum machine with some Atari sounding synth.   From that point on, the album takes a weird turn.
                Certain songs such as “Maryam” and “We Are Opaque” are instrumental tracks you’d be comfortable listening to if you’ve delved into the library of music that is The Illegal Wiretaps the way that I have.   The rest of the songs are something that I am only going to explain once and I’ll tell you why later.  
                I dare say the majority of the songs on “Casiotopia” have a similar style.  This is where music appears in the background, sure, and it sounds like The Illegal Wiretaps for sure, but then there is an audio clip played over and over of the title of the song.   The audio clip is kind of like a programmed voice (Think Stephen Hawking) so it can get kind of weird when you look at some of the song titles.
                Now, the reason why I’m not going to repeat this again (And also why I’m glad I chose to review this album in the order that I did) is because I will now refer to this strange mix of music and programmed vocals as “Casiotopia”.   I am aware it may already have a subgenre name but I don’t care.   Since I find this to be present on other Illegal Wiretaps releases but most present here (Thus far), I am making this name stick.
                The lyrical content of this album (Which isn’t really lyrics, so much as the album titles) starts with a cross-dressing theme that threw me for a loop (But is acceptable nonetheless) and then takes a turn into incest.   This is done in the least creepy way that one can discuss incest, mainly because of the song called “Incest Was Key to Our Species Survival”.    This is something that I definitely believe in because if you believe in Adam and Eve then basically we’re all related even if very, very distantly. 
                My only defense against incest in this particular case though was you have to think about it from the standpoint of, say, McDonald’s watering down their orange drink.   When you think of Adam and Eve, you have to think of them as being 100% pure orange drink.  (Here come the angry Christian emails… I can feel it) But the more offspring that are produced, the more the orange drink is being watered down.   Think about it: People in the Bible times used to live to triple digits.    Try making a case that people aren’t getting stupider and dying faster because I’d like to hear that argument. 
                And only The Illegal Wiretaps would make me write a paragraph defending incest.

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