Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: The Illegal Wiretaps “Believe in Ghosts (E.P.)”

The Illegal Wiretaps “Believe in Ghosts (E.P.)”
<1> “Believe in Ghosts” – Little girls are screaming and deep male vocals accompany an acoustic guitar in a minor scale.  This is already haunting me in ways.   Does anyone else hear Eddie Vedder in these vocals?  I do.   This is a pretty depressing song, even for The Illegal Wiretaps, and yet there is no trace of the electronic instrumental music I’m used to hearing from them.
<2> “Stuck, Profoundly” – Okay, this song is back into what I’m used to hearing from The Illegal Wiretaps.  It’s instrumental thus far and borders on the electronic shoegaze. 
<3> “Just Give Up” – This song is an acoustic guitar with passionate vocals that are sometimes screamed and remind me of Jim Morrison.
<4> “Overdose” – We’re starting off with some Eddie Vedder vocals again here.  It’s a quieter version of the first song though. 
<5> “Spectre” – So far this is starting out quiet and seems more like the second song only without the dance beats.   And then it just sort of cuts off. 
<6> “I’m Done Here” - This is more acoustic like the first song revisited but it takes a while for the vocals to kick in.   It still kind of reminds me of Eddie Vedder on some level.   Around the three minute mark is a guitar part that sounds like it’s singing “Rumor Has It”.    But now we’re back to rusty acoustic Eddie Vedder. 

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