Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: The Illegal Wiretaps “The Antipathy Waltzes”

The Illegal WiretapsThe Antipathy Waltzes
<1> “Antipathy Waltz #1 (A Drummer – Why Don’t You Get a Laptop! Mix)” – This has a nice beat to it, which must be the mix part.  It kind of goes slightly into what almost sounds like words, but not quite.  There are a lot of these siren sounds in here too.
<2> “Antipathy Waltz #2 (Extended Mix)” – We begin with a women’s voice repeating something over a dance beat.  This beat could be Prodigy for all I know.  I have no idea what this woman is saying though.   I should also note that this is “extended” but doesn’t break the three minute mark.   Okay, she just said “I can’t feel no better”.   Miss, that’s a double negative.  I still like this beat though.   Anyway, when you see “extended” with this band, you should expect about a two hour long song.  
<3> “Antipathy Waltz #3 (Rest, Leper, Rest Mix)” – It sounds like the leper is on life support.    Before three minutes a guy starts scream-singing something I can’t quite make out but otherwise this is what I imagine to be the soundtrack to a sweaty group of half naked adolescents on drugs in a building only lit by glow necklaces. 
<4> “Antipathy Waltz #2 (Album Mix)” – This is a shorter version of the second track.  I can now hear the woman saying “I can’t feel no better” because it’s broken up into “I can’t” and then “feel no better” (The later also sometimes sounds like it’s first)   This is under two minutes so apparently the extended mix gave us an extra minute or so.
<5> “Antipathy Waltz #4 (Numbed Mix)” – Now we have a robot lady saying the title of the whole shebang.  This is kind of nice.  The rhythm sort of climbs.   I can almost hear some Ladytron in here, is that crazy?
<6> “Antipathy Waltz #7 (1972 – 2012) – This should be number five by my count, so where are five and six??   I’m listening to this song- whistles and all- but I’m not commenting on it until I find out what happened to #6 and #5.   We’ll call it the Mitch Hedberg Principle. 

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