Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: Strange Mangers “A Rare Time”

Strange MangersA Rare Time
<1> “Treffpunkt” – We kick into some dreamy post rock right off.  We’re halfway through when this song does kick in.  I would say that’s odd but I’m used to it with the music I listen to these days.   The vocals keep coming in and out and then the music is soft but heavy at the same time like Penfold. 
<2> “Handmaids” – This song kicks in a bit different and has more vocals.   It’s more starts and stops.  It’s not quite Straylight Run, but it’s close to something along those lines.  1:20 in we get a nice quiet breakdown.   Two minutes in and we have dueling vocals, which rules. 
<3> “Fly Loft” – I’m still not sure what to call this.  It has Smashing Pumpkins song structures but on the whole sounds more like something post rock or that I simply just cannot describe.  It seems like there is more music than words (Especially on this song so far) which is definitely not a bad thing.  Near four minutes in and he’s screaming it out.
<4> “Sorry Song” – We start with a fun guitar riff here and I’m reminded that this sounds like both The Casket Lottery and Fang Island. 
<5> “Here’s Hoping” – We have more of the yelling going on here than before, but in the Canterbury Effect way.   Around the two minute mark we’re breaking down.  After that I’m reminded of Weezer for some reason.
<6> “Already a Blur” – I definitely feel like I can hear some Spacehog in this song.  2ddx

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