Monday, July 9, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: whenthesunhits “200,000 Gazes Volume One”

whenthesunhits200,000 Gazes Volume One
1)      [aftersun] – It starts off slow, but I like it.
2)      Dead Leaf Echo *also on first one
3)      Brief Candles – I feel like I’ve heard this name before.
4)      Screen Vinyl Image *also on first one
5)      Bloody Knives *also on first one
6)      She Was a Vampire – Guitar noise sounds like Bush.  I really like this.
7)      Highspire – Not bad.
8)      Sansyou – I like this, but I especially like the name.
9)      Astrobrite – It’s all right.
10)   2060 Chiron – Cool beeps and stuff.
11)   Deepfieldview - Magical
12)   Dead Parties – White Stripes ish with bass, but not vocals
13)   The Sunshine Factory – kind of a light STP sound
14)   Between the Cities are Stars - Reverb
15)   Presents for Sally – Like something from the Breakfast Club soundtrack, which is a compliment.
16)   ELIKA – Vocals kind of like Eels or something, but then this cool drum machine beat behind it that I’m really digging.   I also happen to enjoy that the song is called “We Have Failed”.
17)   Drowner – A bit more serious and heavy female vocals.   Maybe like a slowed down version of Joan Jett?  I don’t know, but I am going to look further into this band.
18)   The Consolation Project *also on first one
19)   Deep Cut – It’s a remix, but I’m still feeling it.
20)   Hel Vetica – This just feels like a slow song that has seven odd minutes to take off, but never really does.

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