Friday, May 11, 2018

Cassette Review:
The Dirty Sample
"Tuesday Nights On Cardero"
(Hand'Solo Records)

$15 // //

The Dirty Sample is a producer so he makes the beats on this cassette.   For the most part, these songs consist of three rappers: Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt and Tachichi, though Hash Mills, Kaboom Atomic and Les One are also on this at certain times.  Although you can also have a song like "Spliff Up" which is only Fatt Matt and Hash Mills.  "Crow's Nest" is only Chaka Boy and Fatt Matt, so Fatt Matt is the only rapper who appears on every track, for the record.

This first song really reminds me of that Eminem song "I Don't Give A Fuck"-- just the musical part of it though.    Other times it can remind me of D12 or even Biggie & Puffy togethr, but yes, this has that rap group feel to it as there is more than voice coming through on each song.    It's always strange to me to hear more than one rapper at a time because you have to think first off whether or not you like each rapper on a case by case basis, but then you also have to figure out how well their voices all work together.   There are no issues with any of that here, as this is all tight like Naughty by Nature.

In terms of professional wrestling, these songs reference both "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Bob Backlund, which is some great old school wrestling references.   Someone should shout out Mega Ran.   I looked to see if any of these rappers were on his "Mat Mania" album but sadly they are not, unless they are under different names.   Still, I want to see more musicians who love pro wrestling get together, don't you?

At one point, River Phoenix is name dropped and then later there is this line which bothers me.   It says "You are Jon Bon Jovi / I am Jon Jones".   If this is in fact a reference to that UFC guy Jon "Bones" Jones", from what I've read he's blown a lot of chances with UFC.  Sure, maybe having an alleged Hit and Run (cheap pop) on your record makes you tough or something, but Bon Jovi is someone who can still play shows to sold out crowds.  I don't go to Bon Jovi concerts any more than I watch UFC, but it seems like Jon Jones was going to be a big deal in UFC at one point and now they won't put their faith in him since he keeps getting into legal trouble.

It can even begin to sound like Wreckx-N-Effect as we hear Suge Knight's name come out.   Some Us3/De La Soul type of soul/jazz as well on "Spliff Up", which kind of makes more sense because didn't Jon Jones get busted for marijuana?  I wonder if he was talking about the Martian Manhunter though, in which case I apologize because that green dude is bad ass.    This artwork is by Ghettosocks and if you flip it you'll hear these songs remixed.   Something you can only hear on the cassette so get yourself this cassette.

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