Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cassette Review:
Dul Fin Wah
"The Streams Converge (One Twinkling Egg Above You)"
(No-Fi Hideout)

 £5.50 //
Edition of 25 // //
🎧 //

This starts in a magical slide way.   It feels rather upbeat and there is a shaker.   It sounds like pianos or some other kind of keys but is likely guitars or bass.   This brings about a shiny glass sound but only for a moment.    Laser beats give off a dance vibe now.   This has an almost darker feel to it like NIN but could easily be something off of the "Resident Evil" soundtrack.   I enjoy that dark-electro side of it for sure.

Things slow down now into more of a drone feel.  It's ambient and relaxing, a mirror opposite to the sounds which came before it though it would seem.   Minimal electronics slowly grow now and this has been some shorter songs thus far but in some ways it makes sense.   I've never quite understood why sometimes artists would make one piece which is ten minutes when they could break it down into shorter songs, but I am not hear the judge that.

Accordion type of Star Wars synth comes through with a bit of sharpness.    This grows louder for a little while but then it fades out to the point where it's just done and Side A comes to a close.   Side B opens up with a louder synth drone but it has that triumphant feel to it.   It comes through a little bit wavy as well, but it just feels like someone blasting it out on a mountaintop.    There is spoken word now as the music fades to almost nothing.  This feels like an audio clip because it's as if someone is reading from a book but in front of an audience.

Quieter beats bring out those synths I love which remind me of "Beverly Hills Cop".   There is this ringing in the background of it all too; as my head throbs I begin to wonder if music is what gives me all of these headaches.   (Invest your money in ibuprofen stock now)  A countdown and an acoustic guitar strum brings out some kind of horn (I think) and birds chirping.   It feels like something out of Robin Hood.    This repeats on a loop for a bit but it has a rather serious tone to it.    This turns into a whistling sound now but almost like seagulls at the beach with those wavy whirrs behind it as well.  

One of the things I like most about this cassette is that it never overstays its welcome.  Granted, I've listened to ambient drone pieces that are hours long because of relaxing or needing to go to sleep, but I will admit that sometimes there are artists out there who create music and it just gets to the point where it's like "We get it.  That's a neat hook.  Do we really need to hear it repeated a thousand times though?"  I don't write about them, but this is something you should be listening to because if you do feel like it should be longer just flip it over and play it again.  

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