Friday, May 11, 2018

Cassette Review:
jazznoize & miguel a. garcia
(Plaża Zachodnia)

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This begins with a sharp ringing drone which eventually brings some other, darker somewhat haunted sounds into it as well.  It's like we're in a dimly lit sewer and something bad is about to happen.     There is a sharpness, and yet it also feels hollow somehow.   It's a scraping now, as if a metal detector is about to discover something.  Frequencies pick up static.   This back and forth like scratching takes over the frequencies and then sharper tones pierce through like something out of Hitchcock. 

Ominous beats echo and this has all the tension of a suspenseful thriller.   The tones begin to trill and then create this sound as if they are diving.  It feels somewhat less scary and more like we're going underwater but let's not forget that underwater can also be terrifying so I wouldn't put the feelings past this of something like "Jaws" or "Open Water".   That sharpness is still driving home its point.

There is a rather sharp ringing now, which brings about glass tone feels, but this just really turned into something like "Psycho"drone-- that underwater feeling is gone away.    As it fades to minimal sound, there is a knocking and do not tell me that doesn't feel haunted to you.  If you can listen to this without feeling like some giant dramatic strings aren't going to come in and scare you at any moment then you are not truly experiencing this in full (And, yes, that even goes ofr consequent listens)

Static comes through skipping and it has that feel where someone says "The call is coming from inside the house" and you know it's too late.    There is some droning during this part and I just remember that the first time I listened to these whirrs through speakers someone was outside my apartment and hearing them cough and then this sort of tapping near my door made me think something was about to happen.   This just has a way of setting the mood, if you will.

Larger tones remind me of a cash register for some reason and then this scraping which can also just be the quick changes of frequencies comes through with that sharpness buried behind it.   A humming/buzzing continues in intervals, eventually clicking to reset itself.    An engine revving up takes us into more footsteps and this just has a spatial whirr sound now as well.    This builds now in a marching way as the screeching behind it comes and goes.    More creaking, more doors being opened and closed in a sense, and then this feeling of drifting through space as well.

On the flip side we begin with footsteps into sharp tones of drone.   Squeals make this sound somewhat like a modem now.   It begins to feel like that lightbulb sound with only slight differences coming through sparingly.   Sounds come out like footsteps but mostly it sounds like something is being moved around but I can't quite put my finger on what.   A sonic blast is fired which makes me think of one of those rayguns which would shoot out actual circles that would get bigger as they left the gun.

A drone in the background now, darker.   A pindrop into sharpness.   Typewriter glitch.   There is just this overall feeling that we are somewhere which something very bad is happening.   A slight burst of static like water, a mist.   A slow organ drone coming in now.     This really just builds until it cuts off.   Things get quieter now, minimal.   A faint ringing.    Space whirrs bring the music back up and this even has a "Twilight Zone" feel to it now. 

Back and forth between this tube being blown through and a louder error message type of tone now.   Still feels mechanical somehow.   As it builds, it just cuts off and then I believe the cassette might be over every time still but this minimal ringing comes through in a drone before the footsteps and such start back up again.   This shifts into something quite sharp now.    The whirrs race around the track as there is a certain sharpness back again.   This drones out and it has become somewhat relaxing now, peaceful as we reach the end-- as if we have found a proper conclusion.

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