Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Music Review: slowthai "I WISH I KNEW" (BONE SODA)

Too often in music, I feel like we lose sight of why certain things are the way that they are and seemingly always have been.   I spend a lot of time talking shit about the radio, but the fact is the concept of building an album off of a single song is a decent enough approach that it has worked for me throughout my upbringing and even now someone will submit a single song to me, a SoundCloud link, which makes me excited for another song or entire album.

"I WISH I KNEW" kicks off with this song called "R.I.P." and as far as songs go, it's a banger.  I still remember the first time I put this EP on.   I was getting ready to clean, so I put my laptop on my desk in the living room and then walked over towards the kitchen to get cleaning supplies.   I had it turned up to 100 and pressed play.   From the kitchen I heard the song "R.I.P." and just thought, "Holy fuck this is good".   I was fully prepared to turn this EP off in favor of something else if it turned out to be boring.

When I get these songs via SoundCloud I love the fact that I can "like" and "repost" them.   It gives them my nod of approval in a way.  It can let everyone know how much I enjoy it without really saying anything-- just letting the music speak for itself.   The song "R.I.P." hooked me into this EP, but songs like "IDGAF" got me to stay and, well, obviously write a review and not just like/repost (Which I also did)

Music is reaching a scary time, I think.  People had podcasts now where they simply pay parts of songs and talk about why they like or dislike them.    The art of the written word seems to be getting lost.    But I do enjoy the fact that a link can be tweeted and garner as much approval as four paragraphs.   It's just about finding that balance.   For me, slowthai finds that balance between in your face songs and ones which aren't quite as abrasive.

If you're familiar with this site (with me) you know I don't listen to what the radio calls hip hop.   But slowthai, yeah, these songs are what you should be listening to if you think the radio feeds you hip hop because it doesn't.   But then again, sometimes I feel like people who listen to Drake simply could not handle this.   Either way, these are the songs you should be pumping from the speakers in your trunk.   Lyrically and musically, slowthai is just the total package.

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