Saturday, November 11, 2017

Music Review: Buyepongo "Túmbalo"

I'm not sure how you determine whether or not you like music but for me it is a feeling more than it is a sound.   If I put on a song and have a gut instinct that I'm not going to like it, then odds are good that no matter how many times I listen to it the song won't click with me.   The first time I pressed play on this Buyepongo album I didn't quite know what I was in for but it did take me by surprise because of how good it is as well.    To think of this more than just in a technical aspect (I'll save that for other review writers) the sounds coming from these songs make me want to listen to them.

I imagine this album- Túmbalo- as being a situation where I'm walking down a main street somewhere and the door of some venue is open with this music coming out of it.   If I hear this music, yeah, I'm going to stop and say "What's that?".   My curiosity will prevail and I will ultimately find myself wandering into a club because of this sound.   To me, that's a lot of what Túmbalo is-- a party you never knew existed but as soon as you find out about it you know you have to be there.  

Musically, it has that certain jazz feel, horns, drums and all of that which you can expect from the name, but the thing is it's mixed with something else.   Though not nearly the same, it still gives me that same vibe as when I first heard a band like Voodoo Glow Skulls or Gogol Bordello.   It's in that sense that I've heard music like this before, but this is taking that sound I've heard before and adding a different culture to it.  

To say something as single-minded as "Well, I don't want to listen to this because I don't speak Spanish" will not get you far in life or in the world of music.   Tons of people outside of the United States listen to songs in English so why should we be any different?  I've actually found myself favoring songs that aren't in English lately but don't ask me why.   Just know that this album right here is a lot of fun and if you're missing out on it, you're really missing out.  

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