Friday, November 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Loik "Das Zittern" (Froh & Munter Records)

No matter how many times I listen to the music of Loik, it never becomes easier to describe.   In fact, the more that I listen to it, with each new release, the more it becomes further from what I knew before.   It's odd- not a lot of artists do this- but Loik has managed to take something that could be found on cassette in the 1980's or 1990's (think: "Breakfast Club") and go from me being able to name drop influences to it really coming out on its own now where you just think of it as being Loik.

I have constant thoughts and beliefs (which often times are taken to paper) that the world of music and art is upside down.  I don't think it's just music and art as much as everything- even television and movies, politics, whatever- but to focus on music I've always been a firm believer that the best artists don't get enough attention and the ones who get all the attention are mediocre, though some have a certain level of talent.

I've wondered why this is, but I can only come to one conclusion and since I'm making lunch after I write this review (or get the portion of it I can out of my head), I will relate it with food.   What do you think is the most popular source of tacos in the United States?   The answer- in terms of money- is likely Taco Bell.   Though, far and wide, Taco Bell isn't even considered to create true tacos.   So where can you go in the U.S. to get real tacos?  Well, there is a place near me but they are slightly more expensive than Taco Bell, still, I eat there over Taco Bell all the time (shout out to Tacos Mi Nacho in Meriden, CT for always doing it right!)

So we have to really ask ourselves when as a society we began taking music and the arts for granted, when we started sacrificing quality for quantity.   I believe it was some time during the 21st Century (and I won't speculate that the fall of the cassette had anything to do with it, but someone else should) and it has only seemingly gotten worse.     This music which makes me think of my youth, more in the way of the songs from the radio and what I would hear as soundtracks in movies, might not be for everyone but it's not because it is not good-- it is just a sign of the times.

If it was any time prior to the year 2000 I feel fairly certain that Loik would be treated along the same lines as someone such as David Bowie.   He has that level of talent and yet most people would rather listen to something they can chew up and later spit out like bubblegum.    Though in a lot of ways, I will admit that I am less concerned with *why* this is the way that it is right now and more focused on how to change things. 

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