Friday, November 17, 2017

Cassette Review: 3D RealDoll Beta "3D RealDoll Beta" (Ingrown Records)

Right away, I have to admit that I have a lot of thoughts about the name 3D RealDoll Beta.   On one hand, if you ever really listen to pop music (Anything on the radio created by a big record label in an overpriced studio) it seems like we're heading towards a point in time when someone is going to create a program that generates an algorithm based upon what has been popular in the past (and by popular I mean financially successful) and thus new songs are made.   I mean, in reality if technology can find us true love it can certainly please our ears, no? 

Speaking of true love, I was on a dating site looking for friends.    I matched with this one woman and we were trading messages back and forth through the site when she says something "If you want to keep chatting like this I'm going to need a donation to my PayPal" and I'm like, man, I'm in need of friends but I'm not paying for them.    When did people become so entitled?  Can't we just generate an app that sends you messages to pretend it's your friend?  What I'm saying is, can't I have a robot friend?   But hey, at least I'm not asking you to pay to read this review, right?  That'd be straight savage (Sienna?)

As you might expect from the name this music is mainly electronic.    You can generalize a lot of things in that way though, so only by listening to each song over and over again can you pull out the qualities which make 3D RealDoll Beta stand out from the rest.   With hints of chillwave and even some funk, I am thinking of some of these songs that it could be like Will Smith having a movie about cops.   And I know, I know, Will Smith has had movies about cops but I'm thinking more along the lines of something like "Beverly Hills Cop" mixed with the Fresh Prince era of music not even that "Welcome To Miami" era of his music.

This could just as easily be put into a genre of 8bit or some level of video games.   I know that 8bit generally tends to come from the Gameboy sounds but, to me, the music reminds me more of Double Dragon or something along those lines.   Regardless, it's closer to that Nintendo style (the original Nintendo) and that's a few bits above 8bit so I don't know if that factors in at all, but yeah, I played a lot of Nintendo games that remind me of these songs.   It makes me feel like I'm off to meet the big boss.  Even something like "Punch Out" could fit with this.

A robot voice does come on at one point and begin to speak about things as if this was a video game, so that just kind of confirms that overall feeling for me, but I'm really more focused on the fact that this isn't 8bit in the sense that it's more complicated and I wonder if other subgenres of video game music exist (24bit, 32bit, etc)   There is a dance/rave style track and just some overall grinding melodies to show you how versatile this cassette can be.   It draws out some smooth jazz and can take a serious tone by the end.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this cassette is how it is a reflection of the name, both artist and title since they are the same.    While this gives me that feeling of nostalgia based on playing video games in the 1990's, much like a robot could give you that simulated feeling of friendship or even love, it goes on to some level beyond that where it has depths and skill a robot simply could not possess- a reminder that you could feel love for a robot but it is still not true love.   If anyone wants to create a significant other app with me, do drop me an email, but I think (and hope) real human touch is always going to win out over that of what is artificial.   This music, if nothing else, proves that.

$5 //

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