Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: New Boss "Third Sister" (Funny/Not Funny Records)

After a split and then a full length cassette, New Boss is back and, well, it is a pleasant surprise.    Being the type of person that I am, I actually didn't know New Boss had a new album coming out or anything-- I just got it in the mail and was like "What's this?  New Boss?  All right!"   I think having that immediate reaction to mail is always a good thing because you want to be excited about music-- you want it to spark emotion in you.   New Boss can do that because they are one of my favorite bands and rightfully so if you've heard them.

The thing about the sound of New Boss is that, on this cassette, you can't quite place it.   I think of songs like "Under Pressure", that sort of vibe as it can take me back to the days of bands like Queen and that sort of classic rock feel.   There is also a decent amount of something such as Rush in here which goes back in time but perhaps not quite as far.    Within all of this comes another sound, a melodic type of softer rock which I can recall back to The Rocking Horse Winner and The Warren Commission but I'm sure that there are more recent artists out there within the last ten years that you can also attribute this with.

Further proving that New Boss is not just a band above the rest in terms of musical sound, the flip side to this cassette is mostly demos and you have to admit, having an album on Side A and demo versions of the songs on Side B is a pretty good deal.   I enjoy that a lot for some reason and think more artists should do that (Even if you're not in the rock spectrum, throw some remixes up on Side B)    It's just one of those little things that makes me love this even more.

As I look at their artist page on the F/NF site I realize there is one cassette by New Boss I haven't heard (Oh no!) but from the music I've heard of them thus far, including this, they remain one of my favorite bands.   I feel like there are artists out there who are my favorite because of one thing, you know, like "Oh, this is that band that has a trumpet" or something like that.    But then, it's kind of like, a lot of the reasons why I like music in general, reasons why I like other artists all come together and combine within the sound of New Boss.  

$5 // Edition of 100 // http://www.funnynotfunnyrecords.com/products/588908-new-boss-third-sister-cassette

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