Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Klute "Loser" (Custom Made Music)

Whenever I hear a band like Klute I always get this specific genre of band in my mind but I never have a word to describe them.    It's the bands like Hum that were popular in the 1990's (when grunge and "alternative rock" were a thing) and only really one "radio hit", as in they were known for one song, but their albums contained much, much better songs than the one for which they were known.   Can I call it "Nada Surf Syndrome"?

In any case, Klute has that sort of idea behind it but in a different way as well.   These four songs- which are divided evenly among both sides, giving it this real maxi-cassingle fee, start off with this sort Replacements/Goo Goo Dolls type of feel that puts it in the right timeframe as I previously mentioned but from that idea of maybe being on a certain soundtrack it goes to "Empire Records" and then just finds its own in rock n roll bliss that I find can be compared with Gin Blossoms and The Lemonheads.

See, back in the 1990's there were also these not quite grunge but not quite pop type of rock bands.    It's hard to describe because like the Gin Blossoms for example you could hear them on the radio and get their song stuck in your head.   At the same time, they had this look to them- and certain other songs- which made you think, hey maybe they are grunge or "alternative rock" after all.   They towed that line between pop and alt rock and I can hear that in Klute.      Regardless of how you want to phrase it though, "Loser" should be a single on the radio somewhere and these four songs are just great

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