Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Lost Trail "What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?" (Already Dead Tapes)

One of the things that had me put off listening to this Lost Trail cassette for some time was knowing that it was one of their final pieces I'd likely be listening to and reviewing.   I don't know why feels so symbolic since their music isn't ending on the whole and, you know, I can still go back to that split with Kamrar I first heard them on or any of the other cassettes and assorted releases in between.    But, alas, here I am knowing that all good things must come to an end and like a lesser version of my former self dreading it.

Loud, distorted guitars ring over symphonic drone.    There are audio clips and a darker sense like Nine Inch Nails (Which really, you should all listen to "The Fragile" anyway)   Through static there is also a deep amount of bass on this.    It's like this layer of distortion though, you know.   Have you ever seen someone in a cartoon play guitar through an amp and little cartoon music notes come out?   This would be like that but instead of coming out in those individual notes they'd look a lot more like huge waves that would likely floor the person making/hearing them.

If nothing else, know that this is loud.   It's the type of music my neighbors must like now for how many times they've heard it.   Harmonies bring out this ringing like stars and I'm not sure what that means but I just imagine looking up at the night sky, seeing stars and hearing them making these sounds.    From that far into the sky, it turns to that bubbling sound which makes me feel like we're breathing underwater and the contrast between the two is just great.

This just begins to build until it becomes haunted, such as the sounds of ghouls.   Piano notes bring us to a fade out with radio frequencies and it just seems to have this fitting ending of something someone once said about the last person to leave the room to please turn the light off.    Lost Trail can be described as many things: drone usually comes out first, but I've used the word "loud" at least twice in my notes while listening to this.   But this particular cassette makes me feel as if they are a music which can not only be heard but can also be seen.  

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