Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Oceaneer "Ghost Ship Cargo" (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

When you have an artist named Oceaneer and the title of the cassette is "Ghost Ship Cargo", you're going to have to expect that not only is this sound going to take you to a place like the ocean in that lost at sea sense but it will take you beyond that.   For the idea of this being a ghost ship, I definitely feel as if the sounds remain on a ship but transcend the ocean and perhaps float up into the sky.

Ambient pianos set the mood.   It's quiet at times, but much like the sea at the times when it is quietest it perhaps says the most-- is the boldest.    A rattling can be heard and there are just these different moods with each song.    It can become desolate.   But then by Side B more sounds are added in-- I want to say guitars.   It has this indie movie soundtrack feel where it seems like someone died, so the mood is sad, but it wasn't someone you really liked so the tone isn't that sad.   It's just... inevitable.  That feeling of reality.

I used to put on The Cancer Conspiracy while I swam and I am reminded of this for some reason.    If I was ever going to get onto a boat and set sail for anywhere I would want this as my soundtrack somehow.    It's loneliness but with a purpose.   It's something we all must look inside of ourselves and find the answers to-- whether or not we are on land or at sea.

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