Friday, October 13, 2017

Cassette Review: Dr. Burtrum "Techno Shit" (SDM Records)

If you're going to call your cassette "Techno Shit" then you better deliver on that promise.   See, some people might read this with the emphasis on the second word, thinking it would be bad or that techno music is bad, but you have to think of it how Sage Francis would say he's the Bill O'Reilly of this hip-hop shit.    It's not bad, it's just another way of saying "thing" or "stuff", you know?

Dr. Burtrum delivers on his title and the first side of this has a lot of vocals mixed in with the dance beats.    It's not like anything else which currently exists right now because anybody making this fast of music is usually not singing with it and those who do sing tend to slow it down a bit.    The vocals sometimes come out like robots and there are a lot of different types of synths involved.   It's definitely most reflective of something from the 1980's and if I had to choose a band in recent memory it came close to it'd be the short-lived barely-remembered (I'm assuming) Vagina Missile Crisis.

Though I can even hear some Ke$ha in the music at one point on Side A, the thundering bass carries over to Side B in a way which, at first, reminds me of The Prodigy.    If I had to put this music on a soundtrack it would likely be "Go" or maybe "Trainspotting", but there is also that slight "Hackers" feel to it.   I think it would be part of some sort of soundtrack from a 1980's movie which combined those previous movies.    You know, like "WarGames" but with adults doing drugs and shit.  
After that first initial song on Side B which makes me think of the anger, it takes a turn into instrumental and that's when the real dancing starts.    The synth gets faster-shot lasers.   The beat gets deeper.    And overall this just becomes an all out party, the likes of which you might see in some abandoned warehouse somewhere and only find the remains of afterwards because of empty Red Bull cans, slowly fading glowsticks and sweat.

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