Friday, October 13, 2017

Cassette Review: Analog, IL + Cop Funeral "Carp Lake" (Already Dead Tapes)

I've not heard Analog, IL before but at first I thought this was a split cassette between them and Cop Funeral.    While it would be interesting to hear a side dedicated to each artist, this is something quite more interesting in that it is a collaboration between the two musicians.   I realize at some point in time for a collab to work the two artists had to be in the same room but with technology now you could literally live across the globe and just transfer the files digitally then combine them in Audacity or whatever.

The fact that a collaboration seems so easy to do these days (in terms of the mechanics of it all) makes me wonder why I haven't heard more before.  You hear that, noise people who make screechy static sounds?  Send your files to the people who make electronic beats.   I think, if the right artists got together, it could make something really great.    Regardless, this is the collab I should be writing about and as per the Bandcamp description I assume everything done in terms of "bass" (which is the guitar notes sound) is Analog, IL and everything else is Cop Funeral.

If you focus on just the "bass", which can sound like a standard guitar as well, it is played in these notes which resemble some lost song by the Smashing Pumpkins or that one song by Bush called "Alien", which if you don't know you should listen to it because if nothing else "Sixteen Stone" has some killer bass lines.    What you add into this is sounds which make you feel like you're either in outerspace or underwater and the pairing just somehow makes a sound which feels so desolate.

I've heard of artists before taking their songs and having them stripped down so that other artists can remix them.    Now I'm kind of curious how an artist would feel if someone took one of their works and added their own work to it to create a forced collab.   Would that be disrespectful?  (Probably)   But it could also be beautiful.    It also kind of makes me wonder what pieces in my collection, that I've heard, I could mix together to form a unique sound such as this.    But it all feels like a lot of work to me so I'll just stick with listening to this cassette instead.

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