Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Dotson "Indifference" (Already Dead Tapes)

Isn't it funny how a name such as "Inidfference" can spark seemingly anything but that?   For a while in my life, I liked to be indifferent to things.    But I find that life is meant to be lived.   I find that having no feelings towards something either way should not be a stance anyone takes.   In professional wrestling, you want the crowd to either love you (cheer you) or hate you (boo you).   Coming out to no reaction (indifference) is the worst possible scenario.    Now here we are in 2017 (This cassette was released back in January, but I type this and it's almost September) and the fact of indifference has made this world... I want to say more tolerable but that doesn't feel right.   People need to be less tolerable and less compassionate of others sometimes.   Sometimes, rather than being indifferent we need to punch people in the face if what they're saying isn't right.

The music of Dotson is hardly indifferent though.   It begins with these loud beats and ringing.   It has booms in it before going into this "Head Like A Hole" era of Nine Inch Nails.   It's somewhere between instrumental electronic and industrial.   Those hints of Orgy come out or something to that extent, as I think of the general idea of "bass synth" and how it comes from a drum machine.    This turns into a more structured sort of copwave, which is what I'm going to start thinking of those 1980's/1990's synth sounds as when they appeared in movies about, well, the police.  ("Police Academy", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Cop and a Half", etc.)

Of these songs one does have vocals (as it is a guest spot by Already Dead alumni Coin Locker Kid.  Fun Fact: If you search Bandcamp for "Already Dead Tapes" their page comes up first, obviously, and the second result is for Coin Locker Kid)   It's an interesting song and I've tried to find a way to say it sounds like that electronic album U2 made only in a better way but I don't think I've heard a better version of U2 before-- just U2 and bands that want to sound like them.    Still, this song reminds me of everything U2 could/should have been in their later years and even up to know.     (Though let's be fair, something else comes out in the "God Only Knows" part of this song.   Something like fun. but with the delivery of a different artist in terms of how many words come out.   It's just... It's not like what you've heard before or maybe will ever hear again)

Dotson keeps that synth soul alive with some grooves that will fit right in at the party while not being mistaken for anyone else.     That's always been one of my favorite qualities in music: familiar, yet different.   Dotson demonstrates that on "Indifference" and a lot of the influences I can hear in this are from the time when they would have been released on cassette so experiencing this as such just makes it that much sweeter.

$5 // Edition of 100 // https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad238-dotson-indifference

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