Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Complainer "Floodplain" (Already Dead Tapes)

Every once in a while there comes a band like Complainer who I cannot fully define because, well, bands like this don't come along every day (or maybe they could even be closer to a once in a lifetime thing)    When I hear these songs I initially think of some form of punk and hardcore combination.   it's rock n roll, but it's loud, so obviously I think of like what it must have been like when people heard The Who for the first time.    But there just aren't good focal points to compare with Complainer.

On one hand, you could have some elements of a thrash-rock band.   You know, anyone who is really willing to get up on stage and dive onto the drum kit, knocking it all over.   I saw Darkest Hour do that a lot, but I don't know how close Complainer could be to a band like them or even Drowningman.   Complainer has that same in your face attitude of The Dedication just not delivered in the same way.    Again, this is hardcore in the sense that I could see the singer screaming in someone's face but it doesn't have quite all the same qualities as any band I can think of currently.

Then you add in that punk rock element.   The "art" side even, if you will.   Tora Tora Torrence.   FBTMOF.   Snapcase.   Refused.   These are all bands along those lines that just were brash and didn't give a fuck.    You felt like they were going to rip shit up and they did.   Though, again, destruction can come in many forms in music so this is just one of those punk rock blends of it.    Complainer has that energy, that feel of youth that would make you do something out of passion that you might not do when you are older.  (Yes, in my older years I find myself to be much more refined)

Call it what you want.   I put Complainer somewhere between punk, hardcore, thrash and rock n roll.   But I just know that this is loud and it should be played as such.   I've been putting this up as high as it will go on my stereo with no regrets (Though my neighbors are another story)   I just hope that Complainer sticks around.   It seems like any time I hear something this raw, this original yet such a combination of influences I've already fallen in love with, they disappear after one release.   Let Complainer be different.   Let's do a bunch of songs and tours.    Even come to Connecticut more than once.  (Ha!)

Sold Out // Stream Here: https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad236-complainer-floodplain

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