Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Bob Bucko Jr. "Absolute Endings" (Flaming Biscuit Records)

Is anyone else kind of disappointed that Flaming Biscuit Records isn't a label dedicated to people covering the songs of Flaming Lips in the style of Limp Bizkit (or vice versa)?   I think... I think that could be something.    At least let LB do "She Don't Use Jelly" so they can get that good growl on the word "vasoline" (Can't you hear it in your head already?) and let Flaming Lips do "Nookie" and I think I will have had enough of that.    Any...way.   BBJr. creates a variety of music so I'm always excited to see which version of BBJr. we're going to be getting whenever a new cassette comes out.

We begin with an audio clip of protestors.   This moves into a sound that is alien in a video game sense (think circa Atari) only I can't tell if it is being made by the aliens amongst themselves or being conveyed by a human to the aliens in a means of communicating with them.     These sort of industrial swirls break up the loops and it sounds like we're going to go into something like that "Firestarter" song.    The audio clip returns.   Then we get some sharpness and glass-- it's somewhere between the glass sounds Jay Peele makes mixed with that sharpness that comes at the beginning of that Nirvana song where they say "moderate rock".     There is also this beeping sort of siren sound, as if someone was manipulating an ambulance or fire truck to create music.   This then ends with the sound of sharp wind chimes.

On the flip side, we sort of pick up where we left off.   There is still some sharpness but it is now coupled with this locomotive sound that keeps on chugging along.    This ultimately grows slower and louder.   It feels more like a slow guitar riff now more than anything, reverberating through the speakers and making your body shake.   There is a darkness to the music.   It has the feeling that it has been where the lost souls go.    Maybe it's the hollow aspect of it that makes me feel like someone is trying to escape the grave.    This lends way to those distorted guitar riffs for which I know BBJr.     And yet these guitar notes seem more haunted in an X-Files way than those sounds which came before it and I thought were alien-like.

$7 // Edition of 25 // https://flamingbiscuitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/absolute-endings

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